Voter Study Group

Democracy Fund


With its unexpected twists and victories, the 2016 U.S. presidential election called national attention to new trends and forces shaping voter decisions. As an organization devoted to ensuring the American people come first in our nation’s political system, Democracy Fund wanted everyone to know more. The organization convened Voter Study Group, a politically diverse cohort of researchers and public opinion experts to study the electorate together. The goal of the group: to help policymakers listen more closely, and respond more powerfully, to the changing views of American voters.


Williams Group led Democracy Fund through a consultative exploration process to determine how the new Voter Study Group brand would relate thoughtfully to the parent organization’s brand. We applied this look and feel as we developed a website that positions Voter Study Group and houses the diverse research and analysis reports generated by the group’s multiple authors. Williams Group continues to support Voter Study Group activities, providing editorial and design support for publications and promoting the group’s insights in ads, eblasts, postcards and media releases.