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Steelcase recognizes that better connection between employees, dealers and partners is good for business. With a culture and appetite for innovation and a need for a fully networked global platform, Steelcase launched an interactive extranet called Steelcase Village. This community hub and document repository offers easy access to the knowledge and resources of the entire Steelcase community, including six Steelcase Global News publications that Williams Group managed.


After a successful implementation, Steelcase engaged Wg to develop a series of initial training materials—and once again when the site expanded to support users around the globe. We contributed social media strategy to increase user adoption and deepen engagement with the new platform’s social components, as well as behind-the-scenes planning of interface design and layout, visual asset creation and consultation, and ongoing site maintenance. Wg created activity-specific user guides, training videos and webinars to support new and more engaged users. To roll out the training materials, we concepted and scripted a promotional video for Dealer Conference, and continued to highlight site benefits, training opportunities and updates in Steelcase News.

Web banner promo series
Web banner promo series
Web banner promo series


Steelcase Global News has  thousands of subscribers with native languages of English, German, French and Spanish. Steelcase Village is used by nearly all employees and dealer partners across the world, and has seen increased engagement through discussions and affinity groups. Dealers express a strong appreciation of the improved user experience. Our contributions over the years has included organizing and promoting content to best reach and empower all users, regardless of position or location, and assisting Steelcase with large and small requests as needs, platforms and processes change.