Recovery with Equity

California Governor’s Council for Post-Secondary Education


The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged organizations of all types, and colleges and universities are no exception. Recognizing the critical role these institutions will play in California’s economic recovery from the pandemic—and that large segments of the state’s student population faced serious barriers to a postsecondary education long before—Dr. Lande Ajose, Governor Gavin Newsom’s Senior Policy Advisor for Higher Education, convened the Recovery with Equity Taskforce. Williams Group was invited to join the team helping the Taskforce communicate its recommendations to policymakers, education leaders and other stakeholders across the state.


After initial conversations and immersion in the Taskforce’s working documents, Wg got to work. We developed an identity and web presence that aligned with the Governor’s California for All campaign and set a vibrant, student-centered tone. As Taskforce recommendations took shape in a final report, we provided editing and design to make key ideas easy to find and explore. To help Taskforce members share recommendations across a mix of audiences and venues, we created a highly visual and fully scripted rollout presentation, complete with modules that allow for differing degrees of depth.


With the Taskforce’s work, amplified by clear and compelling communications, California’s institutions of higher learning—and its economy—are poised to recover from the pandemic stronger, and better able to serve all of these state’s diverse communities. “The website and suite of communication tools are fabulous,” said Dr. Ajose. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”