Move Communications and Display

The Duke Endowment


In August 2014, The Duke Endowment moved into its new, permanent home after decades of leasing space. The transition from a downtown high-rise to a three-story building in an historic, residential neighborhood allowed the Endowment to convey its commitment to working “on-the-ground” at home and to welcoming its neighbors and grantees.


Williams Group developed the “At Home in the Carolinas” theme, which we applied to a series of communications and outreach materials, grand opening events, as well as a 5-foot by 9-foot interactive touchscreen featuring Endowment grantmaking and impact.


When the Endowment opened its doors, friends and family, grantees, partners and new neighbors joined in the celebration. Guests were greeted by an interactive, multimedia experience of major proportions: Four 60-inch touch screens invited users to zoom, swipe and tap through dynamic graphics and videos on the Endowment history, grantee impact and more. The touchscreen remains live to inform and inspire everyday Endowment visitors.

To ensure maximum utilization of this vibrant facility, Wg also created a website and kit of helpful room views, setup options, usage guidelines and event planning checklists for Endowment staff and partners.