Organizational Website

Linked Learning Alliance


In 2008, an independent organization was established to build the field for Linked Learning, a systemic approach to education that helps students prepare for college and career, and grow through real work experiences so they can participate more fully in the economy and civic life. Three years later, the Linked Learning Alliance launched its first website. Since then, research has proven that Linked Learning produces impressive student outcomes, and hundreds of schools in California and across the country have adopted the approach. Accordingly, the Alliance has evolved its role as standard-setter, communicator, field driver and advocate for this burgeoning movement. The old website couldn’t keep up, and the Alliance and its partners had developed multiple related sites to serve a variety of purposes.


Williams Group designed a web architecture to achieve Alliance goals, bring disparate resources together, and simplify navigation for wide-ranging audiences with distinct needs, including K-12 and postsecondary educators, students and families, employers and community organizations, as well as policymakers and funders.

We established a bright, inviting look and feel that combines iconography commonly used to illustrate Linked Learning components with vibrant washes of color and texture and inspiring student-centered photography.

Building on a new brand direction, we developed layered messaging to populate pages, engage key audiences and convey the astute yet approachable Alliance personality.  

Results is the new virtual home of the Alliance and an all-inclusive destination for the Linked Learning field. Now maintained by the Alliance, it’s a resource and reference point for current Linked Learning practitioners—and a font of inspiration, information and ideas for those who might consider adopting Linked Learning or otherwise getting involved.