Nonprofit Joint Venture Communications



In 2018, four nonprofit organizations dedicated to reducing intergenerational poverty in Kalamazoo County formalized a joint venture: Hub ONE, as they named it, would be a collaboration on strategy and service, and measuring progress toward a shared vision. Early on in their work together, Hub ONE organizations recognized that to improve outcomes and equity in community, they would need to change how they and their sector operate in some fundamental ways. They also realized that clearly articulating their intent and approach was challenging—in part, because they were challenging old ideas and norms that define how nonprofits relate to each other, with funders and the community.


Hub ONE engaged Wg and invited us to learn more about this venture through workshop conversations with its leadership and exposure to a Hub ONE-led nonprofit webinar. We also supported an in-depth constituent survey. Guided by this information, Williams Group developed a five-page messaging platform that would form the basis for presentations, handouts and case studies created with Wg design, writing and project support. The platform articulates an introduction to Hub ONE, an origin story, key features that distinguish the approach, audience-specific messages and the shifts Hub ONE seeks to create in the nonprofit field. In addition, Wg developed a detailed multi-month communications plan, featuring strategic steps, priorities and possibilities for Hub ONE to consider in reaching out with new communications tools and messages.

Case Study: Stronger Human Resources
Case Study: Effective Governance
Case Study: Pay Equity


Hub ONE leaders have put the communications plans and assets they developed with Wg to rapid and prolific use, updating the venture’s website, engaging funders and collaborators, and supporting speaking engagements and case studies that encourage others in the field to embark on this transformational journey with them. Elevating the Hub ONE profile has also gained new importance as Hub ONE organizations play increasingly significant regional leadership roles and began calling attention to urgent community and nonprofit needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.