Dealer Marketing Campaign



When a dealer on the west coast needed marketing help from the ground up, Steelcase stepped
in — and sought our support. Together, we created a pilot experience for the dealership, with the
aim of using the learnings to develop, and ultimately roll out, marketing templates and tools to fellow dealers in the Americas. We helped prepare the Steelcase dealer to carry out future campaigns on their own — giving Steelcase the knowledge of scale to support future dealer initiatives with trainings and ready-to-use campaigns.


The initial pilot work was grounded in listening. We employed dealer constituent surveys, getting
a sense for how familiar customers, designers and other prospects were with the dealer’s brand.
A number of audits assessing existing materials and processes as well numerous conversations
all prepared Steelcase and Wg for a multi-day collaborative workshop involving dealer leaders
across disciplines. That experience informed the joint creation of a marketing and communications
plan and platform plus complete campaign execution.


This pilot experience provided knowledge and learnings necessary for Steelcase to gauge what a
specific dealership needed to grow visibility and marketing prowess while understanding how to
supply more templatized support and tools any dealer could pick up and use. Meanwhile, the small
but mighty dealer marketing team got to launch an entire campaign in its local market — and
watch its success unfold. As a bonus, they knew who to tap when needing a hand in the future.
Specific feedback and outcomes from the pilot influenced the subsequent creation of dealer
marketing campaigns that Steelcase launched that year and beyond.