Community Foundation Centennial

Midwest Community Foundations’ Ventures


One hundred years ago, the world’s first community foundation was established, giving rise to a new philanthropy, a new way of giving back to community and a new vision for the future. Council of Michigan Foundations and Midwest Community Foundations’ Ventures approached Williams Group to create promotional materials that would help community foundations across the U.S. celebrate this milestone and engage with their stakeholders. The challenge: to develop assets that would work for many diverse organizations and remain relevant after the centennial year.


Wg worked with a core team of community foundation leaders to create a series of customizable graphics for posting and sharing on social media platforms, as well as a large infographic poster that can be modified to reflect each individual community foundation. Core tools with community foundation messaging were refreshed with a contemporary look and feel. Materials were packaged with a social media calendar, content and ideas for 100+ posts, badges for social media profiles and plenty of helpful tips.

©2013 COF & MCFV


Packed with vivid graphics and memorable ideas universal to many organizations, the kit responds to growing demand for smart, succinct and highly shareable content. Released in collaboration with the Council on Foundations to commemorate the centennial year, kit components continue to be used by community foundations from coast to coast.