Brand Transition and Sales Collateral

Steelcase Health


In pursuit of a more cohesive global positioning and larger market share, Steelcase set out to rebrand its healthcare business from Nurture to Steelcase Health. The new brand would better connect to the value represented across the Steelcase family of companies and build on a growing body of knowledge specific to healthcare.



Williams Group supported the transition by conducting exploratory research with healthcare thought leaders, facilitating a comprehensive branding workshop with key Nurture and Steelcase personnel, developing messaging for the new brand, and planning and implementing the brand rollout to both  internal and external audiences.

After collecting and evaluating 400+ communication tools bearing the former brand, Williams Group helped determine which items to retire, and which to recreate in close partnership with the Steelcase Health and corporate design teams.

As part of this brand transition, Williams Group recreated 180 priority communications that required the most significant attention to design, messaging and strategy. These include brochures, sales presentations for projection and tablet viewing, accredited education courses, videos, signage, product user guides and technical product documents.



An expanding suite of powerful communications tools now builds the strength and visibility of the Steelcase Health brand. Unified in voice, theme and aesthetic, these tools align well with the company’s insights and partnership in the changing healthcare landscape. Sales team members report that the tools are sparking new conversations and much excitement among customers and designers alike.