Sharisa Gustafson

Graphic Designer

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+1 616 222 3600

What she does

Sharisa achieves stunning visual impact in designs that are smart and hardworking. Her talent shines across the evocative editorial pages she has created for magazines, brochures and a variety of online media. Sharisa also develops stand-out visual identities, websites, sales kits and incentives packages. Anywhere performance and polish are equal priorities, Sharisa can deliver a winning result.

What she says

Everything is intertwined and interconnected. The “aha” moments come when we light upon that connection. Print design is informing web design; social media is creating new intersections. We’re able to create audience experiences that are more integrated than ever before.

What we say

Sharisa is a go-to person for flawless design that elevates the subject, to capture attention, motivate action and inspire. She is helpful and generous with her time and talents, which happily include baking artisan treats for almost every Wg occasion!

What she is inspired by

Inspiration comes from everything that surrounds us—fashion, interior design, architecture, the people we work with. Every day brings a color, or a texture, a concept, a new perspective, something new that influences design.


Sharisa joined Williams Group in 2010. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in graphic design from Central Michigan University. Prior to working with Williams Group, Sharisa spent two years as graphic designer for The Center for Charter Schools at Central Michigan University.