Samara Napolitan


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What she does

Samara is a versatile writer who delivers content with intention through engaging narratives. As a nimble editor, she never glosses over the minutiae, while considering multiple perspectives. She cultivates relationships and communities with a do-it-together attitude.

What she says

Great communication organizes and declutters, creating openness and enhancing others' understanding. I find nothing more rewarding than witnessing the impact of a powerful message.

What we say

An innovative thinker and diligent worker, Samara has a knack for moving projects forward with a strategic eye. She uses her passion for acquiring knowledge to find creative solutions and expand existing boundaries.

What she is inspired by

Samara is inspired by storytelling in all its forms. From a moving orchestral performance to an enlightening podcast, she loves to feed her curiosity and sense of wonder.


Samara has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Michigan State University and a Master of Arts degree in arts journalism from Syracuse University. She has been a member of the Williams Group team since 2016. Prior to joining Wg, she worked in the arts world as a journalist and a communications specialist.