Meghan Kraley

Co-Owner and Consultant

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+1 616 566 5771

What she does

Meghan translates client priorities into integrated communications that bridge media and platforms. Her own creative curiosity and understanding of audience experience help ensure that every communication is delivered to optimal effect. Drawing on her well of experience in business, philanthropy, nonprofits and the public sector, as well as a personal passion for learning, Meghan is always ready with ideas, options and inspiration to spark new success.

What she says

It's amazing what you can learn when you keep asking, “Why?” Applying that approach to both problems and solutions often leads to surprises—and definitely better results.

What we say

Meghan's enthusiasm for communications is energizing. She's an idea “bubbler,” and it's exciting to get her thoughts on all the ways we can help clients create integrated systems for reaching audiences.

What she is inspired by

Communication = empowerment. People who can tell their stories in succinct, engaging ways can accomplish anything. Cultivating that sense of ownership is something we all could afford to spend more time on.


Meghan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature from Kalamazoo College. She joined Williams Group in 2012. Prior to coming to Wg, she managed communications for the social justice and advocacy arm of an international nonprofit organization.