Mary Credelle

Engagement Leader

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+1 616 222 3600

What she does

Mary loves making other people look good. She supports project success with a knack for process and protocol. As a natural organizer, Mary is a choice teammate in executing complex, dynamic programs of communication. She tracks media schedules, manages major databases, coordinates event and travel details, and helps adopt and adapt messages and graphics to meet project goals.

What she says

I love working in a place where I’m surrounded by people who challenge me and who truly care about the clients they serve. At Williams Group, nothing is too small of a task to not give it your best!

What we say

Mary handles projects with a keen attention to detail and an eagerness to learn—keeping everyone on point and moving forward.

What she is inspired by

People who do what they love, and do it well. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting paid for something you’d do for free! Also—music, dark chocolate and the great outdoors.


Mary has a Bachelor of Arts degree in strategic communications from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She joined Williams Group in 2015.