Lauren Folkes


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+1 616 222 3600

What she does

With a reporter’s skill, Lauren gathers the facts and the nuance needed to craft compelling stories and plans that advance her clients’ objectives. Her knack for organization supports the planning, writing and execution of a number of news publications, digital messages, presentations, promotions, video scripts and more for clients around the globe. Lauren sees the big picture, helping her teams mind the details while moving toward the goal.

What she says

I love words and writing and thinking through the very best way to say something—in order to achieve something greater. I love truly effective communication, and seeing successful outcomes because of it. I strive to find the words that work, and weed out the ones that don’t to create a moving, targeted message.

What we say

Perceptive and quick, Lauren is ever-ready to add value to a project. Her friendly demeanor and willingness to help her teams make her a natural collaborator and a welcome contributor.

What she is inspired by

Sir Winston Churchill and other masters of smart, succinct writing. Lauren is also inspired by personal hobbies and activities—they build creative confidence and enrich the work she does at Wg.


Lauren has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and journalism from Aquinas College. She has been a member of the Williams Group team since 2012. Prior to joining Wg, she blogged for a variety of online publications, served as senior reporter for the Muskegon Tribune and wrote for two contract furniture industry publications.