Jason Divozzo

Account Executive

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+1 616 222 3425

What he does

Jason plans and leads multipart communications programs that integrate web presence, interactivity, events, display, publications and other elements. He is a talented listener and excels at building the relationships needed to understand client interests deeply—and to bring out the best in his project collaborators. Jason is an account manager primarily focused on the social sector. He serves a range of philanthropic, nonprofit and public organizations.

What he says

It’s a special thing to work where big ideas and social impact intersect with compelling words and design. That each day I’m able to do this alongside people I enjoy and respect is a gift.

What we say

Jason is a connector. He plays to each person’s strengths while helping the team as a whole focus on bringing the best solution to any situation. He helps make every project he works on more harmonious and enjoyable.

What he is inspired by

Jason is inspired by vision and skillful problem solving. To go beyond the identification of a problem and to even surpass a solution that solves only a single challenge—it is remarkable to watch, work with and learn from those people who have the ability to translate an approach to many different issues.


Jason earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and German at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. He has been a member of the Williams Group team since 2005.