Partnership Brand and Promotions

Community Experience Partnership


The vision for the Community Experience Partnership was clear—partner with U.S. community foundations to help them tap into one of their richest local resources: older adults. And support learning and engagement between participating community foundations so they can share insights and advance collective learning.


Building on the innovative work of those who conceived the Community Experience Partnership, Williams Group helped name the initiative, and created an appealing visual identity and tagline. Working with Socius Group, Williams Group co-facilitated a 2007 convening to help initiate the partnership, and continued to support these gatherings through completion of the initiative in 2014. We supported community events and site visits, bringing participating community foundations together to share insights and advance collective learning.


The Community Experience Partnership events have been lively and generative, and the brand identity has been successfully applied in a suite of communications, from stationery to conference materials, a website to store knowledge papers—all aimed at helping community foundations achieve local impact, advance collective learning and accelerate adoption of initiative approaches.