Mini Catalog Campaigns



Amway Marketing helps Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) build profitable, sustainable, balanced businesses with a seasonal catalog and support tools that focus on popular products and seamlessly integrate the Amway opportunity. The team engaged Williams Group to concept and develop sales campaigns, featuring a hardworking mini catalog that IBOs of every skill level could use to engage customers and prospects—and do so with a high degree of professionalism, credibility and excitement.


Wg facilitated a series of workshops with Amway managers representing product brands, marketing and sales to identify strategy, a motivating theme, graphic approach, key messages and content for each campaign. After strategy development and validation, Wg continued to play various roles, from design concept to content creation, for more than five years.


Campaigns are now well established as a proven tool for success with many new IBOs and with leaders as they help others grow. IBOs who use campaigns make 50 percent more retail profit, sponsor three times more and are four times more likely to earn Fast Track Incentive Program bonuses than IBOs who do not.