Linked Learning in Motion

The James Irvine Foundation


In 2009, The James Irvine Foundation launched the California Linked Learning District Initiative to demonstrate the effectiveness of Linked Learning, a promising approach to transforming education in California. An ongoing evaluation of this major initiative by independent researcher SRI International shows significant gains in student outcomes. For multiple years, Irvine enlisted Williams Group to help share findings from the annual SRI evaluations with robust dissemination strategies and accompanying suites of products.


Working closely with Irvine and the research team, Wg provided graphic and editorial support for evaluation reports and executive summaries, helped orchestrate multiple webinars for target audiences, and generated online and social media messages tailored to distinct audience segments.

We also designed an infographic microsite to share essential information about Linked Learning progress in a visual, highly interactive way. The microsite emphasizes Irvine’s commitment to Linked Learning by highlighting evaluation findings, participant voices and much more, while inviting user interaction and social sharing.


Now in its fifth iteration, this multimedia communication is being widely circulated in California’s education and philanthropy fields.

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