Rosie Tobin

Account Executive

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+1 616 222 3617

What she does

Drawing on her background in social work, Rosie is a masterful organizer, problem solver and advocate. She is a go-to resource for research, analysis, program management and administration. Good at anticipating and addressing project needs, Rosie readily identifies viable options and action steps. Her work helps Wg teams and clients navigate complexity—and reach worthy goals through compelling, high quality communications.  

What she says

Great communication brings ideas to life in exciting and unexpected ways. The best communication allows us to tell stories, create solutions and open minds. When we communicate well, we move forward together.

What we say

Thoughtful and perceptive, Rosie is always at the ready with a kind word and a helping hand—often before you know they're needed. 

What she is inspired by

I am inspired by potential and energized by discovering what is possible. I believe that new opportunities and innovative ideas are waiting for me around every corner.


Rosie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology and sociology from Kalamazoo College. She joined Williams Group in 2017.