Mary Command

Financial Advisor

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+1 616 222 3600

What she does

Mary provides financial advice and support for business operations at Williams Group. She uses her skills in business, marketing, communications, finance and technology to help our internal systems function smoothly.

What she says

Transformative ideas need great communications. Just laying out the facts is not enough to make things happen. Today, we can gain critical insights, create amazing experiences and reach key decision makers almost instantly in any number of media and channels.

What we say

Mary has 20/20 vision when it comes to seeing current reality, and the ability to identify—and achieve—new possibilities. 

What she is inspired by

Mary is inspired by the people around her. Every Wg team can do much more together than anyone can do alone, and Wg clients are some of the smartest people she knows. They're designing new initiatives, launching products, connecting people and ideas, asking “why?” She loves passionate people who care about making a difference and hardworking teams who can get things done.


Mary has a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Michigan State University. She began her career as a certified public accountant, and has been a member of the Williams Group team since 1990.