Matt Williams

Account Executive

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+1 616 222 3600

What he does

Matt has a talent for taking on complex projects and distilling the work into a thoughtful strategy, well-defined objectives and creative communications. As a Wg account executive, he draws on an extensive experience with product development and marketing, collaboration across distributed teams and creating communications relevant to global audiences.

What he says

One of my favorite activities is helping people discover new opportunities or new ways of looking at an old idea. I try to see the world through multiple lenses, always seeking to understand the motivations and behaviors of others, and designing solutions for audiences that will have great impact.

What we say

Whether it’s time to challenge the status quo, embark down a different path or tell a new story, Matt always finds a starting point—and the initiative to see it through.

What he is inspired by

Matt is inspired by nature—a complex system of relationships that can be difficult to explain or fully grasp, yet simple to observe and appreciate.


Matt has a Bachelor of Science in communications from Grand Valley State University. Prior to joining Williams Group, he spent 11 years working for Steelcase in marketing communications, product marketing and new product development. Matt joined Williams Group in March 2015.